Rob Benham

Rob a Colorado mortgage broker for the last 18 years with experience in all type of residential financing. As a broker with 35 lenders available, my team and I can offer some of the best rates in Colorado. Great rates are wonderful, but we also focus on providing superior service and communication throughout the loan process.


Celia Saavedra

Celia joined the Sound Mortgages Team in April of 2016 after a few years of working in real estate directly.
She came on board with over 4 years of experience working alongside a variety of real estate groups which included being somewhat raised in the industry.

Despite being directly in real estate, she saw a significant need on the consumer experience side which led her to decide to transfer over to financing. Due to her exposure to both the mortgage environment at such a youthful age, working directly with real estate companies, existing home owners, and assisting clients in the process assisting them from start to finish; has resulted in Celia’s vast and diverse knowledge of the process. She continues to be customer service driven centered on building long lasting relationships with all clients and business partners.

Greg Kennedy

Greg has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He has worked with a range of different borrowers from sub-prime all the way to A-Paper.  He is nationally ranked in the top 10% for both mortgage productivity as well as his driven customer service.   He is now taking his substantial amount of experience to work with the brokerage team at Sound Mortgages as a Senior Mortgage Broker. 


Martie Hans

Martie joined the Sound Mortgages team in November of 2018. She came on board with 9 years of experience working in real estate before moving over to financing in 2016. She has a wealth of knowledge working with first-time home buyers and helping them navigate this often-complicated process. Martie works in tandem with Rob’s team guiding borrowers and agents from start to finish.

Martie is known to have a hands-on approach while growing in the mortgage field.  She has gained experience from her day to day work in both the management and sales sector. She continues to be customer service driven, building lasting relationships with all clients as well as all business partner relationships. She knows the greatest moments in this profession are shaking hands with satisfied borrowers at the closing table.